Visiting my Roots

In June of 2018 I had a opportunity to visit my homeland of Haiti. My younger brother was getting married. This has been in the plans for about a year and I was happy and honored to be going back home and serve as the best man in this celebration of Laurent and Tara. Young, in love, with a bright future ahead of them.

But this was a day and weekend for my brother so I reluctantly agreed to go to a concert from a band I knew of, but had never seen in person: RAM. A part of the root ("racin") punk Afro-Caribbean renaissance that swept the Haitian music scene in the 1990s with most famously Boukman Eksperyans.

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Working in and visiting China

With a 20 years visa that allows me to work and live there for 6 months (I think) at a time, I am sure to visit again. While it would have been easy for me to curate a list of pics after any one visit, I wanted to show a collection over multiple visits to do justice to this vast and amazing country and culture.

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¡Viva Catalonia!

In Barcelona, I expected two days of fun, food, and drinks, and architecture. But instead, upon arrival, my Über driver quickly tried to inform me about the impeding march. In my broken Spanish, I agreed but barely registered that a city-wide manifestation was going to take hold.

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Praha, Czech Republic 2017

Praha (Prague) capital city of the Czech Republic is truly a magical city. It's the city of 100s spires with a dominant castle which can be seen from most corners. The castle and architecture famously inspired Walt Disney for his parks.

See my select photos. There is not much more I can say than that Praha makes my top three cities I have ever visited so far in my life. And this includes 100s of cities in over 35 countries.

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