Visiting my Roots

In June of 2018 I had a opportunity to visit my homeland of Haiti. My younger brother was getting married. This has been in the plans for about a year and I was happy and honored to be going back home and serve as the best man in this celebration of Laurent and Tara. Young, in love, with a bright future ahead of them.

But this was a day and weekend for my brother so I reluctantly agreed to go to a concert from a band I knew of, but had never seen in person: RAM. A part of the root ("racin") punk Afro-Caribbean renaissance that swept the Haitian music scene in the 1990s with most famously Boukman Eksperyans.

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Working in and visiting China

With a 20 years visa that allows me to work and live there for 6 months (I think) at a time, I am sure to visit again. While it would have been easy for me to curate a list of pics after any one visit, I wanted to show a collection over multiple visits to do justice to this vast and amazing country and culture.

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Big Sur, California 2018

What makes Northern California special is hardly its valleys, the coastline are simply legendary. A no other bit of coastline has captured the imagination of so many like the stretch between Big Sur and Carmel. Indeed, I first discovered this magical bit of land at the edge of the western world suffering in the cold and wind.

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¡Viva Catalonia!

In Barcelona, I expected two days of fun, food, and drinks, and architecture. But instead, upon arrival, my Über driver quickly tried to inform me about the impeding march. In my broken Spanish, I agreed but barely registered that a city-wide manifestation was going to take hold.

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Praha, Czech Republic 2017

Praha (Prague) capital city of the Czech Republic is truly a magical city. It's the city of 100s spires with a dominant castle which can be seen from most corners. The castle and architecture famously inspired Walt Disney for his parks.

See my select photos. There is not much more I can say than that Praha makes my top three cities I have ever visited so far in my life. And this includes 100s of cities in over 35 countries.

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Women's march 2018

This year's Women's March was again all over this land. And for me it was again here in San José. Starting at the city hall and finishing at the Guadalupe River Park, this year's route was shorter and focused but nonetheless attended by 100,000 marchers with increasingly interesting and inventive signs. Enjoy these photographs I was able to capture by embedding myself from start to end.

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