Praha, Czech Republic 2017

Praha (Prague) capital city of the Czech Republic is truly a magical city. It's the city of 100s spires with a dominant castle which can be seen from most corners. The castle and architecture famously inspired Walt Disney for his parks.

Walking the old town and crossing the St. Charles Bridge to the Prague Castle gives a great overview of this magic and can be done in a day. Recommendation is to take your time coming back from the Castle trek to try some goulash and Czech Pilsner beer.

On one side of the castle down U. Plovárny there is a small river beach with a great view to the other side of the city where dozens of swans are happy to mingle with visitors. It's hard to not revive any romantic fiber in you with the resulting views.

The city has significantly improved its transportation system since I last visited in 2005 and you can easily zoom in and out various places. However, my recommendation, time permitting, is to walk the various bridges and fully grasp the beautiful city from the streets.

See my select photos. There is not much more I can say than that Praha makes my top three cities I have ever visited so far in my life. And this includes 100s of cities in over 35 countries.

What can I say: I love Praha!